Our Scottish Highlands and Edinburgh 3 Day Itinerary

BY: Alfie Laurence

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There are very few countries that lend themselves to a journey so beautifully than that along the Scottish Highlands windy roads: wild nature so exuberant, lakes of crystal waters and imposing mountain peaks in all directions. On this Scottish Highlands and Edinburgh tour itinerary, we will take you along lesser known routes to experience Scotland’s best. Beginning in cosmopolitan & historic Edinburgh up through to Glencoe passing some jawdroppingly beautiful locations, this itinerary is perfect for a weekend in Scotland. The great thing about this Scotland itinerary is that it is suitable for any time of year. Here is a 3 day Scottish Highlands and Edinburgh itinerary.

Day 1: Edinburgh

Beginning our morning waking up in Edinburgh city centre. A view from Calton Hill is undeniably the best place to start your day. Not only do you get to see the city from above but you get a glorious view of Edinburgh’s natural surroundings. After a morning walk, it’s time for a delicious traditional Scottish breakfast on Grassmarket, head over to Castlegate Café for this. Don’t forget to try their pastries, too. Today is all about taking in the marvellous views of Edinburgh and getting photos, of course. Amongst the madness of Grassmarket & a stone’s throw from the café lies this beautifully unassuming alleyway called The Vennel. Walk up the steps and when you reach the top, turn to wander at a breathtaking view of Edinburgh Castle – it’s certainly a hidden treasure. For more instagrammable spots in Edinburgh, check out our blog here.

On this Scottish Highlands and Edinburgh tour itinerary, the afternoon is to be enjoyed at your leisure. Stroll through Princes Street Gardens and see the majestic Ross Fountain. Then, wind up to the Royal Mile to feel the heart of Scottish tradition. Here, you have amazing tales of history and culture on every footstep.

Why not delve deeper into the city’s allure with a walking tour themed around JK Rowling’s fantasy world and explore the corners of the city that sparked her imagination for Harry Potter? Most tours finish around Victoria Street, rumoured to be the real-world mirror of Diagon Alley. Weave up through the golden-hued streets of Old Town until you reach Edinburgh Castle, which is outstanding. The historic fortress offers not just breathtaking views, but a vivid passageway into Scotland’s past.

Day 2: Scottish Highlands

It is time for our Scottish Highlands day trip. After a delicious breakfast, we set off from the hostel on our journey through Scotland’s Highlands by coach. First stop: Doune Castle, which is famous as the backdrop of Outlander, Game of Thrones and Monty Python. As you explore its storied legends, don’t forget to take in the fantastic views. Next up, our journey winds towards the Green Welly in Tyndrum, a place steeped in the history of Scotland’s Gold Rush. It’s a great place to refuel with a hearty lunch. It’s time to really get into the heart of the Scottish Highlands, a journey made particularly difficult without the use of a coach or car. Make sure you are sat by the window to really marvel in the beautiful landscapes and vistas.

A stop at Black Mount offers views of Loch Tulla, you make recognise this Loch if you’ve seen the film Skyfall. Glencoe is our next step, with its rugged valley, so picturesque yet holding onto the memory of its historic massacre. It’s as beautiful as it is haunting. Back towards Edinburgh we go to enjoy a saturday night along the Royal Mile. If you are interested in watching some traditional Scottish dancing, head over to a ceilidh, which run most nights in the city. If you are looking for a bit of late-night Scottish nightlife, check out Cabaret Voltaire or Sneaky Pete’s.

Day 3: Edinburgh

Day 3 morning is well worth a visit up to Arthur’s Seat. Set off towards the Meadows and through Newington, home to some great cafes, restaurants and brunch spots, including Pomelo. (Although, I must say, my favourite brunch spot in Edinburgh is The Pantry). The hike begins near Pollock Halls of Residence and follows a pretty straightforward route, traversing along small paths while enjoying the smells of nature’s aroma and boasting panoramic views of Edinburgh and its surroundings.

If you are planning this Scottish Highlands and Edinburgh 3-day itinerary on a weekend, then Day 3 may likely be a Sunday. If that is the case, make your way over to The Queens Arms in Edinburgh New Town for a roast. Time to head home, fast train down to London back in time for class on Monday.

We hope you enjoyed our 3 day Scottish Highlands and Edinburgh itinerary, if you are looking for a trip of this sort and you are based in London, head over to our Edinburgh and The Highlands to book your place.

See you soon!

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