My Favourite Things to See and Do in Amsterdam

BY: Alfie Laurence

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Amsterdam, the vibrant city of canals, culture, and creativity, is one of my favourite places to visit in Europe. It’s such a quick, short ride on the Eurostar from London that it’s very popular amongst young tourists. With an abundance of museums and landmarks to visit, unique architecture along it’s beautiful canals and a full-on bustling nightlife scene, Amsterdam offers so much to see and do. Here is a quick rundown of some of my favourite things to see and do in Amsterdam.

1. Visit the De Pijp neighbourhood

De Pijp is a really cool are in the south of the city. Therefore, it’s away from the tourists and you can get a feel of what life is like for Amsterdam locals, which is pretty cool. There’s a lovely coffee shop I like to visit called Yoyo where you can hang out and play board games. Stop off and walk through the many street stalls at the Albert Cuyp market. I like to just walk around De Pijp as there’s lots of pretty streets and canals. If you’re looking for an up-market place to have dinner, check out Pastis.

2. Visit Van Gogh Museum in Museumplein

Museumplein, or Museum Square, is a hub housing iconic museums like the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Stedelijk Museum. If you want to admire Van Gogh’s famous works like Sunflowers or Bedroom in Arles on a specific day then make sure you book tickets in advance. Please note that on our weekend trip to Amsterdam & Bruges, this is a suggested visit rather than an optional visit. To book your tickets, head over to the official website here. If you are there in winter, behind the Rijksmuseum, they have a bar and a DJ and you can go ice skating! It’s great fun.

3. Stroll through Vondelpark

Chilling on Vondelpark is one of my favourite activities in Amsterdam, especially when the sun is shining. Take yourself a picnic, a speaker and enjoy some people watching. There are some bars and cafes within the square for when you get thirsty. The park is massive so you could also rent a bike somewhere closeby and cycle all around.

Photo by @mattdavey on Unsplash

4. Visit the Jordaan District

The Jordaan district is one of the coolest and most photogenic districts of Amsterdam. Popular streets to get some cool shots in the Jordaan District are the Westerstraat, Haarlemmerstraat and the ‘9-straatjes’ or 9 streets. A simple Google Maps search will help you with the rest. Nordermarkt is a wicked farmers market in the area.

5. Wandering the Red Light District

Experience Amsterdam’s liberal culture by walking through the Red Light District. It’s not just about the famed windows; it’s a lively neighbourhood filled with unique shops, bars, and coffee shops offering a different perspective on Amsterdam’s openness.

6. Shop at Nine Streets (De Negen Straatjes)

As mentioned in Number 4, 9 streets is a must-visit location. It offers a blend of vintage boutiques, trendy stores, and cosy cafes. The interconnected streets are ideal for an original Amsterdam experience as well as the perfect shopping place, where you can find one-of-a-kind fashion pieces and local artisanal goods.

7. Clubbing in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s nightlife is legendary. It’s known for it’s house & techno music but you can find all sorts there including live music and jazz bars. If you’re there on a weekend, you’re in for a treat. If you’re into late night clubbing, De School is a legendary venue. Nordeship, Radio Radio & OT301 as well will get you shaking your boots.

8. Visit Anne Frank House

One of the most important attractions in Amsterdam both due to it’s cultural and historical impact and it’s popularity in Amsterdam is Anne Frank House. The house displays photos, diary entries and personal belongings which belonged to Anne Frank. They were collected during her time hiding in this house from the Nazis before she was found and killed. It can book out months in advance but fortunately, this is one of our optional visits available for you to book if you’re joining us on the the Amsterdam & Bruges Weekend trip. Head over to the link here to book.

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