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We’re a group of fellow travel lovers

At SomewhereNew we believe that travel should provide an in depth, individualised and unique cultural experience, whether it be a 3 week study tour, or just a day out! When Susannah started SomewhereNew she wanted to combine her passion for education with her love of travel, so at SomewhereNew we always put education first.

We’re based in London and are here to support you and your amazing adventures.
Our personable team will always take extra time and care to provide you with a local’s experience with all its cultural touches. We want you to experience travel and culture authentically, not in some cookie cutter, mass produced way!

Our drive to create a unique student experience means if you travel with us, you will make memories that will last a lifetime. We are proud to have helped countless students, see the world through a new lens. Some of them have even come back to work with us, so they can pass it on. (Hey, that might even be you one day).

So join us in 2023/24 to embark on our trips of a lifetime. See our calendar for trips this semester.

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Meet our team

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Susannah Kyte

Founder & Director, SomewhereNew

Hey, I’m Susannah and I started SomewhereNew because I love to travel, especially when I get to meet the locals and make lasting friendships.

I first came to the UK in 1993 to study at Oxford University. As a California girl, England was as far away as I could have been from home. My study abroad budget wasn’t huge but it provided me with enough money to buy my plane ticket to England, visit a friend in Spain, take an overnight trip to Paris and misspend a couple days in Greece. Most of the year, I stayed in Oxford, studying, walking, cycling, and working at the Bear, Oxford’s oldest pub.

By the end of the year though, everything changed. I was one of the lucky ones who falls in love with the place (and someone) and gets to stay. Finally, I had someone to travel with and that’s when I truly got the bug. That summer, I woke up on mountain passes in Austria, travelled through fields of sunflowers in Romania, and ate the most marvellous peaches on the shores of Lake Balatan in Hungary. And I just kept going.

What I love most about travelling is living in the moment and creating memories last forever. Like cycle ride that ends at the most perfect beach in Croatia or the most perfect meal I had in Italy, that I still remember 20 years later.

I started SomewhereNew in 2003, so I could share some of these really unique travel experiences. I know you all only have limited time in Europe and you want to see as much as possible. So let’s get it done. It’s time to make your own travel story!


Operations Manager

About Harmonie

Studied tourism in France before I decided to move to London to get more experience in the tourism industry + improve my language skills.

I found my way to Proscenium Tours as an intern and was offered a permanent job there after 5 months. Worked 5 years there while Proscenium Tours became Somewherenew as an operation assistant.

Moved back to the south of France after having my son as I wanted to get closer to my family. I’ve spent 3 years there working for a DMC (destination management company): different type of clients (-(rich)- individuals only looking for unique and customised experiences.Although I learned a lot from this job, I knew I would go back to taking care of groups someday.

I am now an operations manager – I get to do what I love more which is planning for a trip! And it is even more challenging when it is for a group.
I love it when it’s a new destination as we get to research the right places and the right suppliers that will make the tour a total success to our clients.

I love France! And I am not saying that because I am French 😊 my country is so diverse in landscape, you have mountains, ocean and sea, volcanoes, quaint little villages and so much history!

My partner and I also decided once to travel from England to Italy by train in one day. It was a great idea as we got to have breakfast in London, lunch in Paris and dinner in Milan. Great cuisine in Italy. Christmas time in Switzerland

Something on your bucket list!
Roadtrip in Ireland (the Wild Atlantic Way)


Client Accounts Manager

About Victoria

Victoria was born in London and has resided there ever since, loving the hustle and bustle of the busy capital. After studying at the University of Surrey she joined the company at its very beginnings. 18 years later and learning invaluable skills along the way, Victoria is now the Client Accounts Manager for UK Universities and Study Abroad Organisations.

Going on safari in South Africa along with cruising along Lake Como, Italy, top her most memorable travels in recent years. Not forgetting a local trip to neighbouring country Wales, where an underground tour of a disused coal mine was a highlight for her and her small family visiting the country steeped in myth and legend, and awe-inspiring landscape.

Coming from a very sporty family, Victoria hopes to complete the London to Brighton cycle this year ending the day with typically British fish and chips on the pier!


Client Services and Operations Administrator

About Alison

Hi, I’m Alison and I live in Kent, after getting the travel bug whilst completing work experience at local a Travel Agency in my last year at Secondary School, I finished college in 1993 with a BTEC National Diploma in Travel and Tourism, since then I have been lucky enough to spend the last 30 years working in various jobs within the travel and tourism industry.

I have been with SomewhereNew for the past 16 months in the role of Client Services and Operations Administrator, I work closely with Victoria helping her to create the tours, this can involve anything from obtaining guides, booking theatre tickets, or creating itineraries for each tour.

I have travelled to quite a few destinations but really enjoyed my time in Canada’s East Coast, seeing Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake and going to the top of the CN Tower we some of the highlights.

I would love to visit the West Coast of Canada, taking a ride on the Rocky Mountaineer seeing places like Banff and Lake Louise as well visiting Vancouver and maybe even doing a spot of whale watching. I would also like to visit New York and take a trip along Route 66.

Gladys Oghenekaro

Client Services & Administration Assistant

About Gladys

Hello! I’m Gladys and I’m passionate about food, learning and travelling. I was born and raised in South London but fled the city three years ago and now reside in leafy Hertfordshire. I’ve been working as a client services and administration assistant for just over a year now. Few things upset me more than a lousy meal while travelling. Therefore, both personally and professionally, I always try to seek out a good variety of restaurants where the food is excellent and good value. I had some stunning food in Puglia, Italy, earlier this year. I speak a little Spanish and Italian and I’m currently on a 335-day streak learning French on Duolingo!

I love travelling and met my husband in 1997 whilst we were both on solo backpacking tours; him of SE Asia and me on a round-the -world trip. We’ve continued to travel as couple and now as a family. Luckily for us, our child has the travel bug too.

Alfie Laurence

Project Manager and Marketing Assistant

About Alfie

Hi everyone, my name is Alfie and I love learning all about new places, languages and finding those hidden gems. That’s why I’m keen to share them with all of you. My role at SomewhereNew is project manager working on designing new itineraries and trips and making them happen! The thing I love most about my job is being able to visualise how the weekend trip is going to look and then making it happen!

I’ve spent the last 3 years living, working and solo travelling across Latin America but I’m now here to enjoy Europe and places over in the East. I love being outdoors, hiking and wild swimming and earlier this year I did a camping trip through Patagonia. It was breathtaking swimming in ice cold glacier lakes, views of jagged mountain peaks… I can’t wait to go back. I absolutely love meeting new people and I think that’s why I love speaking different languages. One of my favourite types of trips is going to a language school in a city like Verona, Italy or Seville, Spain and being a local for a week or two. It’s a great way to get to know a new place and have some routine to the days I’m there. On my bucket list is a walking expedition to Japan. I’ve recently discovered forest bathing and want to go to Japan to enjoy the beautiful and forests there!

I hope to meet some of you on our trips soon!


Tour Coordinator

About Dave

Hello, all! My name is Dave. Although originally hailing from Dudley, (the home of Peaky Blinders), I now find myself in the incredibly fortunate position of living in Paris with my wife.

At SomewhereNew, I work behind the scenes coordinating weekend tours and making sure hotels. transportation, and tickets are all ready and available for our wonderful guests to enjoy!

I’ve visited almost every country in Europe and have lived in Italy, Romania, and now France. One destination that has always eluded me though is Scandinavia, and I would love to add travelling through Sweden, Norway, and Denmark to my bucket list!

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