5 Ways to Make A Student Room Cosy This Winter

BY: Alfie Laurence

2 minute read

Winter has arrived in the United Kingdom and that means that cold, short nights are looming and glooming. It doesn’t have to be a depressing period as winter can be made so warm and cosy with a few added touches to your own space. Cosy is the keyword here. How can you make your bedroom cosy? There are so many ways and I have rustled together a few simple ideas to make a student room cosy this winter. Warm lighting, cosy blankets, scented candles… you get the idea. Check out this list of 5 ways to make a student room cosy this winter.

1. Choose warm lighting

No student room will look cosy under the glare of a 40-watt cold overhead light bulb, which may or may not have a lampshade. Lighting is crucial to making your student room feel cosy this winter so I’d suggest buying a few different sets of lights for your room. Fairy lights are cheap and can be draped all around. Floor lamps are going all out and really create a nice atmosphere. They can be a bit expensive and might not be worth splashing out if you are only here for a short amount of time. I’ve recently been curating my room for winter and my go-to lamps for a cosy room are bedside table lamps like this one from Habitat, rice paper floor lights like this on Etsy and globe lamps on Amazon.

Buy some scented candles

Winter means cosy evenings getting snug and watching some movies. If you are looking for movies to watch, check out our list here. Before you get comfortable and switch off the main light, why not create the perfect night-in atmosphere for you and your mates with a lovely scented candle? There are so many different scents to choose from to get you feeling warm and wintery. Why not go for some classic Christmas candle scents? Some classic scented candle flavours for the festive period are: Cinnamon stick, Ginger brand, mandarin, orange, clove.

Get a plant

Plants are the most effective ways to make a room feel cosy and homely and also refresh the oxygen supply. It also feels quite nice knowing you are keeping them alive. I would suggest looking into houseplants that are difficult to kill. That way, you know it’ll last longer. Jade plants, Aloe Vera, Snake plants, Golden pathos, Philodendron plants are some ideas to get you going.Check out plants on Patch or visit a plant store.

Keep a throw blanket at the end of your bed

Dress your bed with a blanket or throw to make your room feel cosy in winter. They really serve well during winter when it gets a little chilly. I’d suggest getting one that is a warm colour as well. I just recently bought a pistachio green/sage green one and it is BEAUTiful.

Buy a rug

Rugs can really add a warm touch to any room especially a student room that may have wooden floors or a boring colour carpet. Rugs insulate the floor and stop heat loss so therefore increasing the temperature of the room.

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