10 Instagrammable Spots in Edinburgh

BY: Alfie Laurence

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It’s time to take a trip to Scotland and to Edinburgh. Having spent a lot of time exploring the popular spots around Edinburgh, I wanted to dig deeper and find some of the most instagrammable spots in Edinburgh. I certainly found them! Edinburgh has some of the most aesthetic places in the UK. If you like views, gothic architecture and cute alleyways with colourful shop fronts, Edinburgh is the one. Read on for my guide on the most instagrammable spots in Edinburgh. Oh, and most of them are free. If you’re thinking of visiting Edinburgh but unsure how, check out our Edinburgh and the Highlands weekend trip here.

Johnny Walker Rooftop Bar

The Johnny Walker Rooftop Bar opens at 10 and starts serving food at 12. If your feet are tired from all the walking around Edinburgh, stop off for some of the best rooftop bar views of Edinburgh and certainly one of the most instagrammable spots in Edinburgh. Whilst you’re there, learn about the history of the grandmaster of Whiskey.

Scott Monument

The Scott Monument is a Victorian Gothic monument in the central of Edinburgh, just off Princess Street. When arriving at Edinburgh Waverley, it’s the first landmark you see as you come out. It was built to honour writer Sir Walter Scott. Use the stairs near to the monument down to Princes Street Gardens for the best angle.

The Writer’s Museum

Tucked away behind the Royal Mile is the gorgeous Writer’s Museum. It’s usually quite quiet with few tourists, unlike some of the busier spots in Edinburgh. It’s important to arrive there when the sun is on the square as otherwise it can disappear into the darkness when the sun dips.

The Vennel Viewpoint Edinburgh Castle

Just off Grassmarket is a very photogenic alleyway. If you’re staying at Kick Ass Hostel, it’s next door! Head up the stairway and turn back on yourself for incredible, unspoilt views of Edinburgh Castle on its hill in the background.

Starbucks on Princess Street

Coffee and a photo stop, go on then!

Ross Fountain

When in Edinburgh, you must check out Princess Street Gardens for one of the most photogenic locations in Edinburgh. It feels like you’re stepping into a quiet oasis amidst the business of the lively city’s New Town. Take a walk through the gardens beginning at the Scott Monument and locate the Ross Fountain towards the far end of the gardens.

Carlton Hill

Sometimes known as the Athens of the North because of the National Monument of Scotland and its greek temple like aesthetic, Carlton Hill is one of the best view points of the city. Head up for sunset and the views are truly spectacular. The views at sunrise are also incredible but we’re not sure we’re too keen on the early rise.

Victoria Street

Victoria Street is, without a doubt, one of the most photographed spots in the city. It has a very special curved landscape and the colours of the shop fronts really take you back in the time to what life was like in old Edinburgh town. For all you Harry Potter fans, it’s rumoured that Victoria Street was the inspiration for Diagon Alley. Climb up the staircase to reach Victoria Terrace and take your photos facing down the hill. It’s easily one of the most instagrammable spots in Edinburgh.

Rooftop of the National Museum of Scotland

An opportunity to climb up and up to almost the same height as Edinburgh Castle, you have views (for free!) at the top of the National Museum of Scotland. The rooftop offers 360 views of Scotland and is a bit of a secret spot in the city. Shh! It’s definitely one of the most instagrammable spots in Edinburgh.

Arthur’s Seat

We thought we’d save the best till last. Arthur’s Seat treats those who are courageous enough to climb it, with 360 views of Edinburgh and its surroundings. You have views of all the countryside, the bay and the hills that surround the city. Allow yourself time to reach the top to enjoy the view and take a seat. Feel the breeze, get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and be in nature. Oh, and get your photo 😉

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